No new posts: A good excuse

We all saw it coming… or *not* coming, right? As I basically promised, the blog was completely abandoned after one post.

BUT, I do have a very good excuse this time, or so do I think…
You see, as I probably mentioned in the previous post (I think I did. Haven’t actually checked the post to make sure I said it or not), we moved from Brazil to Germany last year. This means that a lot of things changed (and still are) in our lives.

Our goal was to establish ourselves as soon as possible, get all the bureaucracy done (trust me, in Germany, this means a hell load of papers) and gradually recover everything we used to have, both financial and psychologically speaking, so that we could finally continue from the point where we were back in Brazil.

This might sound stupid or silly, which you can probably relate if you are young. We are getting close to the 40’s, we had (and still have, actually) a home, a car, a motorcycle, clothes, a good job, friends and family close enough that we could easily pay them a visit. And then, boom! We practically started from scratch when we moved to Germany.

For a change, I will try not to lose focus here, so I will try to list some stuff we faced, or are still facing in this big life change:

  1. The fear of having taken a bad decision by moving to another country, leaving family and friends behind, leaving the comfort zone,  being far from anybody that could otherwise easily support us in case of something unknown and super evil that could happen to us
  2. The concern regarding a completely new culture, language and weather
  3. The fear of facing a new job and fail, and to have to do something as quick as possible if that would be the case
  4. Not knowing ANYTHING about EVERYTHING. “How does a detergent bottle looks like? There! Found it! Oh no… it was a soda bottle!”

Anyway, I think this summarize pretty much what we felt at the beginning. Once we were over all of this, we finally started getting back in the game, solving one problem after another. And this was pretty much our first year in Germany. Then the second year started…

I remember, about one year from now, we were in a friend’s birthday party, when a Brazilian friend (who lives here a year longer than us) asked me: “Hey, what are your plans for 2017? Mine is to enroll to German classes and learn once and for all their language”.

This was a very good question, and I SHOULD have replied with “Yeah man, me too”. But no. Instead I said:

“In 2017 I will get my driver/rider German license”.

Why on Earth would I put a driver’s license in a higher priority than to learn the language of the country I live in??? Am I crazy? The thing is: I FUCKING LOVE RIDING MOTORCYCLES!!!!!

Allow me to try to explain:

See, I arrived in Berlin with my wife, super tired because I couldn’t sleep ONE SINGLE HOUR in a 15 hour flight, with tons of heavy luggage, stinky and tired, to sleep for 3 days in a hostel, then moved to the company’s apartment for 1 month, found our own place, moved in, bought furniture, installed everything, hired basic services (it’s read INTERNET and other minor things… like water), worked like crazy, learned how to do groceries, solved PLENTY of paperwork, bought winter clothes (because Brazilians freeze to death in 12 degrees celsius), and theeeeeen…. When all of this was done, we rested. A lot. As much as we could. And we ended 2016 extremely exhausted, but happy, with that feeling of mission accomplished, and celebrating the new year with friends.

Most of our checklist was complete, we had our stuff back, money, all bureaucracy in both countries were all solved, and our bodies finally relaxed for the first time in a long time… but not my mind. How could I be a fulfilled me without my motorcycle? It had been a year already, without my short travels on Sundays, without washing my bike and bragging myself about how beautiful it looked, without that special smile that I had lost a year ago.

Ok, ok, it’s not that dramatic! I have my wife on my side, which is the greatest person I know and supports me since the very first time we ever met. I had my guitar with me, brought by my family when they came to visit, and I had my Steam games (which I probably played once or twice, then never touched again). But man, the bike… how I missed it.

180 games? And why do I have a VR game? I don’t even have a hardware for that!

So yeah, it was a long process, which started in January this year, and ended by the end of September. Yes. Eight months, but I got both driver and rider licenses. Was I happy? Yes. Was I finally free to move on with my life, including posting to the blog? Of course not! I needed a new bike!!!!

Then I started looking for a bike. By the way, remember what I said about not knowing a thing in Germany? Now apply that to finding/buying a bike, solving all paperwork to finally start riding again? Ok, ok, I will not go into details here, or at least on this post. But, spoiler alert: IT TOOK A MONTH! And here is the bike, in case you are curious about it (all talking is in Portuguese, so feel free to mute the video):

This put me in the end of October, which is close to the end of the season, but I keep strong and bold riding the bike under 5 degrees celsius whenever the rain allows me. And, hopefully I will be able to ride 2 or 3 more times before the below zero weather comes, when I have to park the bike for 3 or so months 🙂

If you are curious about how Berlin looks like, or how super fast and good rider I am, check this out (yup, Portuguese again):

So yeah, this is pretty much my excuse, which sounds like a very good excuse to me. Hopefully, things will get better now, and I will be able and inspired enough to write more posts.

Alright, so see you next time, and thanks for reading! Bye!


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